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What exactly is the ethnic vote?

I just heard a commentator – it is now 7:30 pm EST, Tuesday, election day – say that it’s important to assess the “Asian-American” vote as a harbinger of the election. What the heck is that and how do you calculate it? If Suzie Chow, who is Chinese, marries John Jones, who is “just” an American, and changes her name to Jones, how do count her vote? Is she Asian or American? How would you know? How on earth do you assign her vote, correctly?

If Jose Gomez changes his name – via marriage or simply desire – to Josh George, how do you know he is, or should be counted as, part of the Hispanic voting bloc? Or, if I were to change my name from Ackerman (Is that really Jewish?) to Atkins, how would one know I’m part of the Jewish-American vote?

You don’t. So, why are the commentators – with such serious suits and eyes – telling us to follow the voting trends of these seeming tribes? Seems misleading to me, if not analysis devoid of reliable content.

May the best human win. Amen.

Obama’s handicap

Like you, I watched the debate last night. And, perhaps, like you, I think Romney beat Obama. Hands down. “No debate!”

I’m not necessarily a Romney fan. But here’s what I think is going on: Romney has the great, good fortune of not having to defend his presidential track record. Despite his Governorship, he’s a ‘Federal virgin’ – he hasn’t been the president and, so, can get up there and say whatever he wants to say, with little risk.

Obama on the other hand, is wearing his track record on his sleeve, for all to see (taste, touch, smell, feel) and judge. He’s got nowhere to hide. That’s his handicap and it showed last night.

So, what’s the President to do? He’ll never win playing defense, which is how he came across in the debate. Who said, when the going gets tough, the tough get going? Sounds like sound advice, to me.

Mr. President – Get tough. Stop worrying about what you have/haven’t done (and what’s been done to you). Find the fire you had 4 years ago and light it. If you don’t, you run the risk of flaming out.

Welcome to the “Refutican” Party!

I’m mad as hell and I guess I’m going to have to continue to take it!

Although, I am not a registered Republican, I am a registered American and have been watching in disbelief as the Republican Party has devolved into a playground full of recalcitrant middle-schoolers.

It’s been quite the show watching how each of these seeming adults — Perry, Bachmann, Gingrich, Romney, etc. — have transformed themselves into bona fide adolescents, whose greatest skill seems to be knocking the other guy. One refutes what the other stands for. Another beats that refutation with an attack of her own. And on and on it goes. Welcome to the Refutican Party!

Add up this awful evidence and the only conclusion can be that the Republican Party has lost its way; it has bowed to the whims and fancies of egomaniacs, cutting itself off from whatever its core identity really is.

Honestly, what’s happened — and is still happeningĀ  — to the Republicans is disgusting as well as juvenile. Allow me, world, to apologize for the state of American politics; especially, for the dismal, divisive state of the GOP.

Long live PAC money. Dignity is dead.