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Identity Beacon - Illuminating Possibilities

Getting to productivity – one human being at a time

Disclosure: This is a promotion, sort of.

I am an unabashed fan of human productivity and the need to marshal it at any and all costs. So, here goes…

Human productivity is ultimately the only thing that allows organizations to achieve and sustain superior performance. Tapping the productive instincts, capacities and drive of human beings is one of the most elusive but important challenges of our time.

Identity Mapping® is a dynamic program for tapping the value-creating power of your workforce. It’s pedigree is not just my own identity consulting experience, but also the experience of The Ken Blanchard Companies, one of the leading leadership development and training companies on earth.

Identity Mapping helps meet the productivity challenge by enabling individuals to clarify the unique, value-creating powers inherent in their identities, and then apply them to their work, their careers, and the organization as a whole.

If productivity matters to you, download this valuable program resource.

Post By Larry Ackerman (69 Posts)

I’m the author of two groundbreaking books on identity. The first is Identity Is Destiny: Leadership and the Roots of Value Creation. It’s for leaders – and those aspiring to lead – who want new and innovative insights into what accounts for success over the long term. The other book is The Identity Code: The 8 Essential Questions for Finding Your Purpose and Place in the World. This work is for individuals who want to live more fulfilling, meaningful, productive lives. Bottom line: I help companies and individuals realize that they’ll be much more successful being themselves than acting like somebody else. In short, I help my clients find their true identity. When you find it, you have no competition. NOBODY can beat you at being you – especially if you consistently reinterpret your identity in ways that keep you fresh and relevant to the world around you.

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